5 Song From Shania Twain, That Can Make You Keeping Smile

Shania Twain is a one of best singer in the world, his from Kanada and populer in America. Every concert, a lot people always come and wait to hear a best perfomance from Shania Twain. Various country like UK, Jerman, and Spain has been visited by this singer.

Any song from Shania always has place in the hearts of fans. The song from Shania also has a energy, that we can look from the song lyric. Besides the best lyric, more fans from Shania also like the style and character perfomance in stage. Shania Twain at his concert always appear powerfull and very enjoy the song.

But if we focus in his song, then we can knows what song have a good story and can looks real. Therefor in this write, author have a perspective about the best song from Shania Twain, especially from the character of lyric. Let’s see guys :

1. From This Moment

The title song from this moment is a good song for lovers that will start new life. In this song, Shania try to convey the massage from this lyric for people that feeling love.

This song generally played in wedding party. So, if you plan a married, you can use this song at you wedding party.

2. Any Man of Mine

More man, more oppurtunity to having relationship. In this song, Shania feel so happy and also feel confused about man. Shania confused about the man attitude in face of a women, man attitude like care, love and sacrifice.

Any man of mine, this song tell about attitude to weave a relationship that bring in best spirit to get a happiness.

3. A man feel like a women

In modern time now, some man act like women. Such as man like play doll, man like have a style like girls and another things. Man like women come and grew up as generally another people. But in this song, Shania convey about some custom of man that can looks like women.

In live concert when shania bring the song, his always appear with some man that have a large body. But when the song is bring in, the man who have a large body appear like a supple women.

4. You’ve Got a Way

Man when feeling love a women, in generally always try to find the favorite girls that he want. In this song, Shania expalian about a man who always love and still care to keep him love.

When Shania feeling sad, the man always come and give confidence to Shania, for make Shania dream still shining.

5. Endless Love

In this video song, Shania bring this song with lionel richie. Endless love is a true love, if people has been try to sacrifice their life for love. The song have a lyric that can make you trust about power of love.

So this is a opinion from author about Shania Twain Song, and if you never before hear this song, just simple… search this song and try to hear, author trust that you enjoy the song.. enjoyyyyy

By : Cornelio Aniceto Menezes


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