Ever You Ask in Your Brain, Why You so Interesting? Maybe This is The Answer

Interesting is a kind of human nature that we can look from the face, style, and charisma. Not all people have a something to make other people can be respect or becoming the fans. Maybe not like actriz, actor or singer that can be fast to famous and well known, every people can be get it but need the line proses and own efforts.

Ever you ask in yout brain, why some people looks very gentle or beauty with the their character, i felt you sometimes thinking about that and produce different result from every view. That’s OK, but ever you think up about person that you like or that you will be struggle to get his or him love, if you ever think about person who you like, and author ask you,,, why did it be happen in your heart?? ever you do some analysis about this? Whether it is love or just be amazed…

Some people said that a people who feeling love can be describe their reason. Some opinion or suggest more be come and gives the view that love don’t need questions and reason, but author trust that love still need arguments to prove that you love someone, beside you do some own effort to get people who you love..
After author try to think about that, maybe this a some view about why you so interesting?? Maybe this is the answer

1. Charisma

Undeniable that charisma is a grace from God to some people in world. Any people not looks beauty or handsome but charisma radiated from speaking style or face to eye.

Simirlaly with people who you like, if their has a charima, surely looks different from another people. So, for you that have charima, let’s be proud because not all people have it.

2. Smart and more effort

If you smart you can be think fast about you dream in your life. Smart is a brain work that be complete if supported by more effort. Don’t be lazy, don’t be weak, more person doesn’t like people who have lazy attitude. And author very trust that dominan person have a dream to find a good pair to reach happiness life.

Don’t forgot, smart and more effort can be realize without pray. So, if have a dream to find a good pair, yaaa don’t forgot to pray and ask for help to God.

3. Honest

In modern time like now,, maybe difficult to find more honest people. Money and money become a master and umpire to manage or to buy dream with fast without challange. The impack is many honest and who seeks often inferior to kondision.

But don’t worried tu much, without honest spirit the world can be broken. Honest people is idol by people who have hight quality on their life.

4. Discipline

Time, rich, and other things can be realized with discipline. If you always manage your time, you life can be enjoy and easy going. But try if you don’t discipline.. you bad life is nearby around you.

Not only time dan rich will be get with discipline,, our soul mate also be near if you apply your own discipline from now onwards…

Yeaaahhh that’s some opinion about, why you so interesting… author hope you can apply that in your new life… and thank you for read it.. see you againnn…

By : Cornelio Aniceto Menezes


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