Some Cultural Problems Being Faced by Younger Generation In Timor Leste

Cultural and younger generation is part that can’t be separated. A country would have an identity which should be known by younger generation. Before the country make a hope about the defense character young generation in modern time like now, is better the elements in goverment can make something in the field of education to younger generation. The new younger generation in Timor Leste now is very different because them grew up in moment conflic from the loss Timor-Timur of section province Indonesian.

Response thereto, then now author can spoke that Timor Leste is in big trouble. Especially if you look at the type of leader in Timor Leste which is a freedom fighter that most of them never have good education. This is a additionals problem, because Timor Leste is a country which continues to grow and thrive, and also being compete with the others country. Therefor, needed solution to increase the comprehension the younger generation in Timor Leste about the Cultural and The History. Goverment as part of the development have a responsibility to handle this problem with invite some researchers to open all about some mystery is ever happening in Timor Leste.

The one solution that can doing by goverment in Timor Leste is open and give facility to some younger generation for study about cultural and the proses adaptation people with their environment. This important to know who is our and how are we now in modern time, especially after freedom. Don’t be assume that study cultural is not important for Timor Leste to fill and welcoming the best future. It is grunded, because author look most of the younger generation in Timor Leste, now take study about politic and economic without know about the the goals implementation economic and politic in Timor Leste.

Timor Leste now is almost be managed by others country, in economic, politic, natural resource management, defense, and food security. Hardly any affairs that can be manage by own goverment. What will become of this nation if most of the affairs domestic be managed by other country. Author can’t be thinking of about the future of Timor Leste if the tradition like this will be preserved. For that, This is the time to realized, why the development in Timor Leste hardly to increase, and the important is WHY YOUNGER GENERATION IN TIMOR LESTE WHICH HAVE A RESPOSIBILITY ABOUT THE FUTURE TIMOR LESTE, in now like a walking without direction.

By : Cornelio Aniceto Menezes


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